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دانلود کتاب کانابیس برای مبتدیان<br>Cannabis For Dummies, 1ed

دانلود کتاب کانابیس برای مبتدیان
Cannabis For Dummies, 1ed

Make informed decisions about the benefits of using cannabis Pot is hot—for good reason. To date, 30 states have legalized medical marijuana to the tune of nearly $11B in consumer spending. Whether it’s to help alleviate symptoms of an illness…
دانلود کتاب تشخیص اپیدمیولوژی فیزیوپاتولوژی کانابیس<br>Cannabis Physiopathology Epidemiology Detection, 1ed

دانلود کتاب تشخیص اپیدمیولوژی فیزیوپاتولوژی کانابیس
Cannabis Physiopathology Epidemiology Detection, 1ed

Cannabis Physiopathology and Detection features an outstanding collection of contributions from leading researchers around the world. Papers were presented at the Second International Colloquium on Illicit Drugs, held at the French National Academy of Medicine in April 1992. The book…