Cardiology Board Review - بوک باز

دانلود کتاب مرور بورد قلب و عروق<br>Cardiology Board Review, 2ed

دانلود کتاب مرور بورد قلب و عروق
Cardiology Board Review, 2ed

Multiple choice question-and-answer book for cardiologists at all levels, now updated to include 100 new questions covering additional topics Cardiology Board Review, Second Edition is a multiple-choice question-and-answer study aid that is written for the primary purpose of helping candidates…
دانلود کتاب مرور بورد کاردیولوژی <br>Cardiology Board Review, 1ed

دانلود کتاب مرور بورد کاردیولوژی
Cardiology Board Review, 1ed

This compact but comprehensive board review includes everything you need to successfully prepare for the ABIM Cardiology Board Review examination. Over 1200 questions help you master essential information in all of the areas covered on the examination, from the basics…