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دانلود کتاب دیابت و بیماری کلیوی<br>Diabetes and Kidney Disease, Wiley-Blackwell

دانلود کتاب دیابت و بیماری کلیوی
Diabetes and Kidney Disease, Wiley-Blackwell

Diabetes and the Kidney provides endocrinologists and nephrologists of all levels with expert clinical diagnosis and management guidance for this extremely common diabetic complication. Practical and accessible, chapters contain text features such as case histories, potential pitfall boxes, key points, management algorithms, and useful weblinks…
دانلود کتاب ورزش و مدیریت بیماری<br>Exercise and Disease Management, 2ed

دانلود کتاب ورزش و مدیریت بیماری
Exercise and Disease Management, 2ed

Exercise and Disease Management is designed to help managed care physicians, their patients, other health care professionals, and interested readers integrate current exercise guidelines into their practices. This extraordinary book is accompanied by a series of 11 workbooks, each one…