Medicinal Plants of India - بوک باز

دانلود کتاب گیاهان دارویی به عنوان ضد عفونت<br>Medicinal Plants as Anti-infectives, 1ed

دانلود کتاب گیاهان دارویی به عنوان ضد عفونت
Medicinal Plants as Anti-infectives, 1ed

Medicinal Plants as Anti-infectives: Current Knowledge and New Perspectives provides comprehensive and updated data on medicinal plants and plant-derived compounds used as antimicrobials in a range of locations (such as the Balkans, Colombia, India, Lebanon, Mali, Pakistan, Southeast Asia, South…
دانلود کتاب گیاهان دارویی هند<br>Medicinal Plants of India, 1ed

دانلود کتاب گیاهان دارویی هند
Medicinal Plants of India, 1ed

This book can be used as a general guide in the use of natural products to manage common health ailments and by potential researchers in natural products, medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy, phytomedicine and/or phytochemistry for an overview of the biological properties…