Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics - بوک باز

دانلود کتاب فارماکولوژی پزشکی<br>Medical Pharmacology, 7ed

دانلود کتاب فارماکولوژی پزشکی
Medical Pharmacology, 7ed

This book is the thoroughly revised, enlarged and updated edition of the popular textbook. The book retains its simplicity, lucidity and clarity of writing-the hallmark features well appreciated by the medical students as well as the teachers. The textbook covers…
دانلود کتاب فارماکولوژی پزشکی و درمانی<br>Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 5ed

دانلود کتاب فارماکولوژی پزشکی و درمانی
Medical Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 5ed

Medical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, now in its fifth edition, offers medical students all they need to know to become safe and effective prescribers. It forms a complete, integrated resource for basic pharmaceutical science, pathophysiology, clinical pharmacology, and therapeutics.  The fifth…